My name is AJ and I am dedicated to guide my clients to their full physical and mental potential. My only question is, will it be you?


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"Working with AJ is like having an executive coach, a doctor, a therapist, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a life coach and an accountability partner in your corner. All in one."

-Adam, Executive, Former client

What does it mean to be an Optimized Human?


I've asked this question over a hundred times in my life. And the answer keeps evolving...⁣

Yet, if I was to simplify it and boil it down, I would say that being an Optimized Human means to master the 4 key areas of life: Biology, Leadership, Efficiency & Mindset. ⁣

Ask yourself a simple question: "What do I really want in life?" ⁣

I believe that the answer is fairly straight forward - You simply want MORE.⁣ MORE success, MORE fulfillment, MORE money, MORE energy...⁣

Unless you're just allowing life happen to us and show no ambition, you probably want MORE from life.⁣


We all have been conditioned away from our full potential by our environment and I always remember how Robin Sharma opened his book, "The Leader Who Had No Title":⁣
"EACH OF US IS BORN INTO GENIUS. Sadly, most of us die amid mediocrity". ⁣

So in order for you to NOT die amid mediocrity and reach your full potential, you simply need to identify the interferences and eliminate them. ⁣
That's when we can truly call yourself an Optimized Human. ⁣


Looking to become one and want to do it in the most efficient manner? The world deserves the most optimized version of you. We will get you there FAST!


 Explore the opportunities of working with me!


I help my clients to optimize the 4 Pillars of High Performance using the Minimal Effective Dose approach so they can show up as their best version in business, career and life

Our "meatsuit" is the lowest hanging fruit for optimization. Extra weight, low energy, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances... are NOT normal! We incorporate the Minimal Effective Dose approach (under 3 hours/week) to optimize your sleep, stress management, nutrition, movement and environment so those practices become effortless.

We can't step up for others before we step up for ourselves! Leadership is another crucial skill of an Optimized Human. We develop it through challenging ourselves to have uncomfortable conversations, stepping out of our comfort zone and finding ways to positively influence people in your environment.

Structure has been feared because it has been treated as a constraint. Having solid structure simply means doing more things that we truly want to do. We establish clear non-negotiable boundaries on your time and find the most efficient way of handling your calendar, that is geared towards maximum output and high performance.

Most of us don't realize that our subconscious patterns are interfering with our performance. Traumas, language patterns, conditioning...When working with me, we eliminate the subconscious patterns that are not serving you and replace them with the ones that equip you for optimal performance. 

How do I do it?

Multi-Dimensional Approach


Having worked with hundreds of clients I know that addressing ONE area can be great for creating momentum, but it isn't going to elicit lasting change. I take a complete interdisciplinary approach to a human's body and behavioral psychology and focus ONLY on the adjustments that evoke the biggest change. We maximize your efficiency and find the best way for you to integrate those skills into your day-to-day so it becomes absolutely effortless.



Cookie-cutter solutions don't work. Minimalistic approach that is easy to implement does. I help you get clear on the EXACT action steps that are necessary to apply the Minimal Effective Dose approach (minimal inputs that are necessary for your desired outcomes). Now, everyone can take a few months of sheer grit and achieve some temporary results. I only focus on tools and skills that are going to last for the rest of your life.



The "magic" missing link that is often overlooked and makes all the difference. We establish a close connection and accountability cadence that guarantees rapid and transformational results.

“I absolutely believe that people UNLESS COACHED, never reach their maximum capabilities.” - Bob Nardelli

Where do you want to start?


Mastering your physical body comes first. Build strong fundamentals of  Biological Optimization and get a taste of the basics of High Performance.



Take it a step further and work with me for 10 weeks in a group setting. 


We will form an intimate environment and unpack High Performance, Body and Optimization through weekly Masterclasses and Q&As, where you will be able to get access to my personal touch and benefit from real-time adjustments to keep you on track.


If you want to dive right in and get the most out of your time, join me on my 1-on-1 personalized coaching program. 

Why am I "THE PERSON" to help?

I've spent the last decade and $50,000++ searching for the approach that would truly optimize me on every level. None of it checked all the boxes. They would have one dimension addressed perfectly, but others would fall behind. Something was missing...


And that's why I decided to develop a multi-dimensional curriculum and take the 360° approach that checks all the boxes - Biology, Leadership, Efficiency, Mindset and elicits LASTING CHANGE.


The biggest problem that I saw in coaching programs was lack of long-term thinking. 


Most coaching modalities seemed to be equipped with tactical solutions to reach short-term goals and ignore the bigger picture.


Having gone through military leadership, NLP Practitioner, Nutrition Coaching, Strength and Conditioning Coaching and High Performance Coaching programs, learned from Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Jack Canfield, Bryan Tracy, Jim Rohn... and distilled that knowledge into a program that follows the Minimal Effective Dose approach and saves you a decade of your time sifting through personal development libraries.


Today I speak on stages around the world, lead live events and give back to the business communities by providing amazing leaders with no nonsense, multi-dimensional coaching that helps them to become Optimized Humans and maintain that status for LIFE.

Ever wondered, how busy people stay in shape, have successful careers and maintain fulfilling relationships?


The answer is MED (Minimal Effective Dose).


Minimal Inputs for Desired Outputs.


Get this FREE guide that shows you the exact minimal inputs that are necessary to take the best care of your body.

What my wonderful clients are saying (good things)



"AJ's approach pushed me like nothing else. I know exactly what to do now and I'm in the best shape of my life and my family is incorporating AJ's recommended health and lifestyle practices as well."


C-Level Research Analyst


"AJ put me on the right track when everyone was giving me confusing advice. No crazy diets or lifestyle changes. It just shows how consistent steps into the right direction and multi-dimensional approach are more powerful than any extreme lifestyle adjustments."

United Nations


"I was able to manage my energy levels in a demanding work environment for the first time in years when I started working with AJ. As a single mom working a high-demanding job I was living a hectic life and AJ helped me to get on track and perform at a level that I never have before."



Upper- Level Manager, Facebook 


"Since working with AJ I’ve lost body fat and gained strength, but what really makes me so thrilled with the results is the changes I've experienced in my mental health and mindset! I’ve suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety in the past on and off. Working with AJ has empowered me to resolve those issues and make long lasting changes in my lifestyle and it feels so easy!"

7-Figure Entrepreneur


"Thanks to AJ I was able to overcome brain fog and regained my focus. I also learned how to get most out of my sleep and nutrition. I now know exactly what to do and it's become a habit."



International Educator


"Only when I started following AJ's advice, I finally lost weight, and haven't bounced back. He made it super easy for me to maintain a good balance and He helped me to have a balanced lifestyle, optimize my energy and eliminate the guilt that I used to have around food."

Upper-Level Manager, MasterCard


"I learned a lot about my diet, cutting-edge techniques on optimizing my health and holistic approach to wellness. I always end up utilizing AJ's recommended tools and techniques and they seem to drastically improve my health and lifestyle."



"AJ's depth of knowledge in human body and optimization is impressive. He's extremely knowledgeable and gave me the most practical tools that I could implement into my life right away."

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