For ambitious men and women who have spent years dealing with dysfunctional, draining relationships that held you back and kept you small instead of lifting you up…

Discover the little-known secrets that will take you from having an army of failed relationships to creating (and keeping) a transformative partnership that empowers you

So you can create a powerful, loving container where you get to have what you want and need, and fulfill your higher purpose

Take back control of your love life and rewrite your relationship story.


Recorded LIVE Workshop

Discover the tested and proven techniques, processes, and tools that will help you tap into the truth of who you are...


 ...and only entertain relationships that contribute to your mental health, are deliciously passionate and fulfilling, and help you grow in both your life and business... 

...even if you have been burned in the past, have plateaued in your relationship, or feel like you have no more energy to give to your love life.


What would it feel like to be in a relationship where you can be unapologetically yourself, confidently ask for what you want, evolve as a person without being held back from what you want to do, and not be riddled with the same repeating conflicts, all the time?


Really. Close your eyes and picture this right now:


You’re in a relationship. You’re madly in love with your partner. And not in the angsty, super attached “I can’t live without him/her” kind of way, but in a healthy, safe way where your heart expands and your intimacy deepens more by the day.


(which, by the way, can initially feel boring and something you may not even be initially attracted to… more on that later)


The issue with the vast majority of relationships, is that they can be kind of stupid.


Yeah, I said it.


Have you ever questioned why the heck you were in a relationship in the first place, when all it seemed to bring was frustrations, limitations on your future, and constantly having to think about someone else’s well-being and problems?


… only to backtrack and feel guilty about having that thought, because of course you care about your partner and want to be with him/her. Right? 😳

If you’ve ever had that thought cross your mind… you’re not alone.


Look around you. We are flooded with examples of relationships where people get complacent and don’t achieve their dreams, or play out their unresolved daddy or mommy issues on each other without being aware of it (even though everyone else is picking up on it), or they’re constantly complaining about their partner.


You’ve seen it, because it’s all around us.

People sliding into premature or toxic relationships, justifying the decision in their mind with excuses such as…

"Oh, I'm in my 30’s/40's/50's, I better find someone to marry before it’s too late." 

"I feel lonely, maybe it’s time for me to find someone to share my time with."

“I don’t think I’m going to find anyone better than my current partner.”


Relationships are indeed dumb if we show up for them like this. 


If we initiate and continue them from a place of scarcity, insecurity, boredom, loneliness, lack of trust (in ourselves and our partner), and because we believe that something healthier and more fulfilling is not available.


Truth alert: it’s not relationshipping that’s dumb. It’s how we show up for it that’s the problem.


Most people either get lost in a relationship and tend to our partners excessively, or get comfortable and fall into a default mode where, instead of growing with your partner, you enable each other’s complexes, insecurities, and bad habits. 


It becomes a never ending loop of the same arguments, avoiding conflicts, jealous streaks, and metaphorically hitting your head against the wall hoping you’ll eventually find a solution.


It doesn’t have to be this way. Relationships can actually be a powerful incubator and safe container for evolution, intimacy, love, and growth in all areas of your life when you make the decision that YES, you deserve more and YES, you are going to do what it takes to break through these old disempowering ways of being once and for all.


Instead of going for familiarity and the lowest hanging fruits, you are the one to decide that you can have more:


-The sexy, supportive, incredible partner who treats you like a King or Queen.

-Yummy, soul-filling sex that takes you to another stratosphere.

-A rock solid intimate partnership that skyrockets you into new levels of success (making money is more fun when you have a warm body to come home to at night, wouldn't you say?)


If you have found yourself (or are currently in) a relationship where you are holding yourself back, not speaking 100% truthfully to what you want and need, and using your experience with previous relationships as a compass to navigate your current one…

That next level relationship exists, and it's out there waiting for you.

Meet Your Mentors

Celinne Da Costa

Story Architect, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur,

Former Anxious Avoidant Clinger

Celinne Da Costa is a Story Architect and coach for high-profile entrepreneurs, as well as an author and a speaker who's been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, TEDx, and more. She helps her clients become confident and fully-expressed leaders with irresistible stories, influential brands, international media coverage, and thousands of raving fans.


Celinne has over 1000 hours of practitioner training in a variety of techniques including NeuroLinguistic Programming, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, and Life Coaching. She uses her variety of tools to create customized breakthroughs for her clients.


Formerly anxious-avoidant and ridden with unconscious daddy issues, Celinne did the work you'll learn in this workshop to rewrite her relationship story and prepare herself to receive (and keep) her irresistibly delicious dream man, also known as AJ. 

Aurimas Juodka (AJ)

Entrepreneur,  Speaker, Human Performance Expert, Recovering Emotionally Unavailable Man

AJ has spent the last decade optimizing the lives of entrepreneurs, executives and everyday people through High-Performance coaching while being engaged in dysfunctional partnerships.


Coming from a connection-less military environment AJ has spent the last decade immersing himself in multi-dimensional personal growth, deep meditation,  and mental reprogramming.


As a recovering Emotionally Unavailable Man, AJ came to understanding how much pain men can cause by not owning their emotions. His revelation gifted him a brilliant woman named Celinne.

Here's what they don't tell you in the movies:


Almost every relationship you’ve seen play out in Hollywood glamorizes anxious-avoidant dynamics: one person desperately chasing the other in an attempt to convince them that it’s true love, only to have the love interest avoid and cause drama until they realize that indeed, the person they were ignoring is the love of their life.


It’s passionate, it’s dramatic, it’s attention grabbing...

... And it’s utterly unsustainable.


You see, there are 3 types of relationships you can have:


1. Basic, unconscious relationships ask: "what can I take?". These are the relationships that the majority of the population are in… figuring out what they can "get" from their partner.


2. A more advanced, but still not fully conscious, relationship asks "what can I give?" Seems altruistic and pure, until someone feels drained due to lack of proper communication and boundaries.


The reality is - the fighting, drama, and headaches stem from these first two types.


3. Then, there's the most advanced, conscious relationship which asks, "what can we contribute to the world?" When you learn to operate from that space, that’s where the magic begins.


And by the way, sometimes this 3rd type of relationship can feel kind of… boring 😳. Remember how I mentioned that in the beginning? You might not be used to the levels of safety, security, support, and deep, drama-free unconditional love that this 3rd type of relationship can bring, because there's a good chance your nervous system might be addicted to the up-and-down swings we're taught are normal.


Unfortunately, most of the population is out there looking for another person to fill the void that they feel is missing within them.


That doesn't have to be you.


While relationships are great mirrors and vehicles for personal development and addressing our unhealed wounds... all the most successful relationships start from WITHIN.


So here's the good news and the bad news:


The bad news is that your partner is not going to fix you. He or she is not doing to draw your boundaries, communicate your needs, or solve your mommy or daddy issues for you.


That would just put you into the position where you're going to keep attracting the same person or if you stay in that relationship, you will be having the same exact arguments over and over again. Exhausting!


The good news is that you're in control of that and there is a proven process for rewriting your disempowering relationship story into an empowering one, once and for all -- and that's why you're here!


By equipping yourself with the knowledge we’re sharing in the Rewrite Your Relationship Story workshop, you get to be the creator of the relationship you’ve always wanted. YOU get to be the one who calls yourself out on your shit and lets go of old stories. YOU get to be the one who draws boundaries and creates a safe container. YOU get to be the one who directly asks for what you want and need.


Don't expect anyone to do that for you...


The irony of it is, that your partner can only come in to help you when you start helping yourself.

When you let go of the expectation that they're going to fix your mess for you.

And you take responsibility to fix it yourself so you can experience the most loving, fulfilling relationship yet... 


That's where the alchemy begins!


That's when your growth becomes yours and you get to reclaim the power and ownership over yourself. 


The good and the bad. 


And that's what a relationship is REALLY meant to be. A space to unpack your baggage safely and be able to transmute it into your gifts. Into true intimacy, growth, and connection. 


Want to find out what it takes?

Get ready to...

  • Finally kick that feeling of dread and "not-enoughness" surrounding your relationship
  • Have unlimited energy and passion for your significant other
  • Create ease and flow in your relationship, so you can show up fully as yourself
  • Have a yummy, intimate sex life where even your most secretive desires get met
  • Know how to consciously communicate with your partner, even when it feels scary and uncomfortable
  • Make it all stick for life, with a rock-solid framework for new habits and ways of being


Join us on a weekend-long journey to Rewrite Your Relationship Story and make 2021 the year you look back on and say “Wow, that’s the year I transformed my relationships!”

Understanding Your Truth

Gain a deep understanding of what you truly want,  the deep-rooted desires you're hiding from yourself, and what you're looking for in a partner. You'll be surprised how much of this you're NOT aware of. We'll help you find the blind spots!

Boundary Building

Have you ever allowed yourself to completely give up your needs in order to meet your partner's, or sacrificing what's important to you for the relationship? After this workshop, this will no longer be an issue.

Attachment Styles

Get complete clarity on your attachment style, how to work with it instead of against it, and what steps you need to take in order to reduce friction with your partner, quickly and easily.

Sexual Connection

Sex is a huge component of a successful and fulfilling relationship. Take charge of your desires so you and your partner can reach the highest of pleasures.


Conscious Relating

Learn the communication practices and how to create a safe container that will help you tap into each other's hearts, open up, and be vulnerable more than ever before.

Relationship Contract

Create a "relationship contract" that will get you crystal clear on what you want and need from a relationship, what your boundaries are, and how to facilitate the conversation with your partner.

Let's get one thing straight -- we're not "relationship coaches."


We're high-performance coaches and subconscious reprogramming experts.


Which means we help you address and dissolve the root cause of what's really causing disharmony in your relationship with yourself and your partner, rather than focusing on surface-level issues like telling you to make a list of your dream person or what to put on your Tinder profile.


We both have our own track record of failed relationships:


For most of her life, Celinne was a magnet for emotionally unavailable men -- men who were afraid of commitment and unwilling to face their avoidant patterns, running away at the first sign of a desire for deeper emotional connection and intimacy.

She kept attracting the same undesired circumstances in her life, because she was unaware of the unaddressed insecurities, low standards, and "daddy issues" that made up her relationship story.


AJ, on the other hand, avoided true intimacy. He didn't allow himself to open up and show his vulnerabilities. His unconscious patterns limited the depth of the relationships, and he kept attracting anxious women that would trigger his avoidant pattern.


He settled for the relationships that deep down he knew wouldn't workout, but were "good enough", yet he would constantly compare his partners with other women and unconsciously look for "something better". AJ wasn't able to ask for what he wanted because of the fear of being judged for not "being a real man".


Ultimately, he was thinking that women are just "less hairy men"...


We both had to do a lot of soul-searching, inner child work, and subconscious reprogramming to release years of blocks and come together as two equals, in a healthy, conscious partnership where we can with ease ask for what we want and need, and that makes us better human beings every day.


Using our extensive experience with subconscious reprogramming, human optimization, and high performance coaching, we've completely rewritten our relationship story and have helped hundreds of people obliterate their biggest blocks and create the life they love and deserve through our work.


Now, being on the other side of those less-than-ideal relationships and experiencing the deep fulfillment and joy of being in a relationship that works, we're deeply passionate about helping you wake up to you own worth and potential, so you can raise your standards and be with someone who's perfectly happy to meet them (and beyond).


That's what the Rewrite Your Relationship workshop is for.


We're here to help you understand yourself on a deeper level and lay out the steps to become the person who can attract (and keep) the perfect partner and thrive in a conscious relationship.

Who is Rewrite Your Relationship Story for?

  • You're independent and ambitious but your love life feels unnecessarily difficult 

  • You haven't been able to attract and/or successfully keep the partner you want 


  • You're tired of repeating the same arguments and situations in your relationship and want it to get better

  • You're struggling to ask for what you truly need and raise your standards without scaring off your partner 


  • You desire a deep, safe, healing, and fulfilling relationship

One Weekend is the only thing separating you from stepping into your ideal relationship

When you join us for this workshop, you will go from confused and unsure about what's holding you back to absolute clarity on what you need to do to overcome your blocks and  step into the most fulfilling relationship...

  • Phase 1

    Unlock what's truly holding you back and the reasons why you're getting in your own  way.

  • Phase 2

    Get clear on what you really want and what actions you need to take in order to get it!

  • Phase 3

    Take action - walk away with resources and a clear understanding on the EXACT steps that you need to take in order to have the relationship of your dreams.

Here's what you're getting...

  • 8 hours of LIVE teaching and coaching

    Hotseats, 1-on-1 support, tailored advice to identify your limitations and subconscious blocks and break through them ($16,000++ Value) 

  • 12-week implementation plan

    Designed for you to deepen your relationship with yourself and/or your partner ($2,000++ value) 

  • “Heal Your Relationship” resource library

    That allows you to keep deepening your relationship ($1,000++ value and saves you 10 years of sifting through useless resources) 

  • Relationship Agreement template

    And walkthrough of the relationship agreement crafting process ($1,000++ value) 

  • 6 "Sex Date" ideas

    To master your sex life and explore your desires and deepen your intimacy (Priceless)

$20,000++ Value




- What is a conscious relationship? Why YOU are the problem and how to understand yourself enough in order to become a natural magnet for the relationship you crave


- 6 Human Needs: How your unaddressed subconscious needs are sabotaging you from getting what you want (and how to make this stop)

- Attachment Styles: The truth about your attachment style, how to work with it rather than against it, and how NOT to be a part of the 75% of the population that's engaging in toxic attachment styles

- Love Languages: Discover your love language and how to use it to effectively connect with and get what you want from your partner

- Boundary Setting: How to establish and uphold clear boundaries that naturally repel any wrong candidates for your future relationships or deepen your current one

- Shadow Work: Identify your triggers, befriend the dark, unconscious parts of you that cause trouble, and transmute your shadows into your superpowers


- Entities of the Relationship: How to manage the 5 entities (not 2!) of a relationship, and how to create greater intimacy with yourself and your partner


- Conscious Communication & Authentic Relating: How to quickly and effectively handle and dissolve conflict in a partnership, even if you've never been able to do that successfully in the past


- Your Relationship Contract: Receive guidance on crafting your customized, relationship agreement so you can create a strong, safe container for a prosperous and fulfilling relationship for years to come

What Our Clients Say....

Praise from our previous clients

"Celinne is absolutely BRILLIANT at what she does. I figured out my TRUE big-picture why, vision and top values that are now giving me more clarity than I've experienced in over 3 years of business."


Kathrin Zenkina

Manifestation Babe

"In addition to helping me to take charge of my hormones and my physical body, AJ guided my to rediscover my connection with myself as a woman. "


Ksenija Ajvazi


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

"When I got to work with Celinne, it was magical! It was crazy how she was able to ask me the questions that really got to the heart of my story and had me think of things that I never would have thought of in the way that she presented them."

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert, Media Personality

“Working with AJ I learned a lot about myself, what I want and the tools to get it."



Emma Steiner

Law Professional

"Celinne is an amazing coach and has extracted everything out of me so that I could use my most powerful tools, even though I had no idea they existed in me!​"

Ilanit Litman​

Artist, trader

Are you ready to Rewrite Your Relationship Story?

  • Fill your own voids so you show up as a sovereign, complete partner in the relationship


  • Learn how to attract, and keep, your ideal partner


  • Develop an in-depth understanding of yourself and of your significant other


  • Tap into new depths of intimacy, compassion, and love... for yourself and your partner


  • Become a master of conscious communication and boundary setting


  • Discover proven frameworks for perpetual relationship growth


  • Identify your relationship blindspots and reprogram them on the subconscious level

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Tap into your most

 conscious, fulfilling relationship NOW!

This workshop will teach you, step by step, how to 10x the quality of your relationship in ONE weekend.

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